Experience this Award-Winning Film
about a Man's Journey of Self Discovery

Calling it Quits

A film by Anthony Tarsitano

Dante Milestone is not happy. His struggles with everyday life, his past, even the question of 'the existence of a higher power', have led him to evaluate his own life. It is an assessment that drives him to leave work and success behind and set out on a quest in search of his happiness.

But Dante soon learns that it's not that simple ... for after a series of painfully humorous attempts fail to provide an answer, Dante sinks even deeper. It is not until a fateful encounter sets him unexpectedly on a path of self-awareness that he begins to look inwards. Only there, can he face the underlying truth and find true peace in the present.

Calling it Quits is sure to make you laugh, make you cry and make you think. And, ultimately it will make you feel good.

A Few Words from the
Award-Winning Writer and Director

As the filmmaker, the reason for making Calling it Quits was simple ... With almost 60 years of life under my belt, I wanted to share what it has taught me and do it in a way that was real, uplifting, and hopefully, entertaining. I didn't want to make a cookie-cutter Hollywood film, but a film that touched on all aspects of our lives — love, family, desires and spirituality. Whew, that's a lot of ground to cover ...

But, as we screened the film across the U.S., I was pleased to learn it succeeded and how deeply the film had touched audiences. I hope that after watching my film, you will feel the same way too.

Here's What Audiences Are Saying ...

"For Eckhart Tolle fans, Calling it Quits is a must see! "

— David E.

"I have to say, I never laughed so much. I felt like it was me on the screen ... hilarious."

— Dan L.

"This is a film for anyone who has experienced life's ups and downs ... it points us in an eye opening direction."

— Richard F.

"I can't tell you how much I related to this film. I'm a babyboomer and it's like someone's been reading my mail."

— Kristine S.

"It's rare to see a film that shares the journey of the search for inner happiness so beautifully."

— Donna M.

Winner of Best Actor, Ensemble Cast, Director, Cinematography and Original Song

Calling it Quits, winner of a Best Feature Film Award, is brought
to life by the tour de force performance of Dennis Boutsikaris (Winner of 3 Best Actor Awards), and an Award-Winning Ensemble Cast led by Jessica Hecht and Robert Clohessy — all accomplished and recognized actors of Film, TV and Broadway.

Anthony Tarsitano was honored with Best Directorial Debut and
Best Director for his work behind the camera and also the winner of Best Story for his writing.

Shot entirely on location in New York City and Long Island, the Award-Winning Cinematography of Jarin Blaschke captures the breathe of the city and landscapes along with the intimate moments in the film.

The film has also been honored for Best Original Song Coming Down With Love written by Dan McLoughlin & Chris Trapper. Dan is also the composer of the score for Calling it Quits and he and Chris are members of the band The Push Stars.

A Love Story. A Story About Life's Decisions.
A Story about Something Bigger than Ourselves.

Calling it Quits

This film has not been rated. It contains some material that may be inappropriate for children under 13.

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